‘RISERVA’ olive oil is made from naturally grown olives from our family’s farm for over a hundred years. The trees grow in a valley between the sea air and mountain breezes in a National Natural Reserve in Abruzzo, Italy. I attend to the harvest from start to finish to insure the purest and most immediate processing possible. A blend of five types of our pure untreated olives are processed using a traditional stone mill, cold press and centrifuge filtering insuring very low acidity classifying it as extra, extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil is best used raw, straight from the bottle to fully appreciate the pure rich flavor and creamy texture. It is unsaturated and high in antioxidants until it is heated and is therefore not recommended for sautéing. For the first three months after harvesting it is labeled “NOVELLO”. During this time it is translucent then with time it becomes clear as it settles. All processing takes place locally in Abruzzo and it is now available for you to enjoy in The Netherlands. L’olio e L’orso means “the oil and the bear” referring to the Marsican brown bear living in Abruzzo, which is one of the only places it is still found in Europe. If you are interested you may like to visit the National Park of Abruzzo which is not only inhabited by bears but also by wolves and many other wild species ( The region also offers great skiing as well as beautiful beaches and the farm may be available for lodging in the future. For more information, availability, prices and orders please contact me.

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