Applied Art Manifesto

My specialty is accentuating peoples natural qualities, letting them be themselves or expressing their extremes. My passion for hair began at four years old and at twelve I decided that I would some day do the hair and make-up for the cover of my favorite magazine VOGUE. Managing hair came completely naturally to me although I later had extensive training in every area of the beauty industry including haircutting and styling, skin and nail care. I was an Art Major studying fashion design, photography, painting and sculpture and have been further trained as a professional autonomous artist. I experience make-up as painting on a three dimensional canvas and hair styling as sculpture. Hairstyling and make-up are my forms of applied art. I am very experienced and capable of adapting to every beauty need and applying it whether it be for presentation or reproduction. I also enjoy working with children. Whether it's fashion or advertising working with celebrities or children, I always feel in my element. Everyone is beautiful when they feel confident, that is what I think the most essential part of hair and make-up is: letting people feel confident, comfortable and beautiful about themselves who ever they are.
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