Autobiographical Visual Cultural History
Autobiographical Visual Cultural History Collection of my inspirators in chronological order edited for an assignment for Cultural History during my study at AHK (Amsterdam College of Fine Art). My moral and feminine philosophies where founded on these images I absorbed dating back to the age of two.
Concept & Reproduction: Lena Tenaglia
Cloning Eve
Cloning the ideal woman
Concept & Art Direction: Lena Tenaglia
Eve: Gabriela Riedi
Camera & Video Technique: Bas van Wersch
Sound Technique & Composition: René Meister
Vocals: Lena Tenaglia
Location Studio: Thomas Piek
Déjà vu
Where past, present and future have no place
Young woman: Gabriela Riedi
News Reader: Lena Tenaglia
Howard Gribbling: Ronald Schepman
Motorcyclist: Roy Meyjes
Concept and Art Direction:Lena Tenaglia
Sound Design:René Meister
Camera and Editing: Bas van Wersch
Final Edit Advisor: Flip van Vliet
I’ve got the car
Art Direction and Camera: Lena Tenaglia
Video Technique: Bas van Wersch
Music & Sound: René Meister
Mantra & Vocals: Lena Tenaglia
Modern Amulet
On request only: contact
Self portrait in the Bathroom
On request only: contact
The Bathroom
Life as seen through the eyes of the Bathroom First Occupant: Sofiane Sylve
One night stand: Jonas Hallberg
Girlfriend / New Occupant: Lena Tenaglia
Concept, Script & Art Direction: Lena Tenaglia
Sound Design: René Meister
Video Techniques: Bas van Wersch
The Beloved Chair
The struggle for a position
Concept & Camera: Lena Tenaglia
Child One: Kozmo Meister
Child Two: Luna Meister
Video image for the Theater Tour for Henk Westbroek accompanying the song "Hou van mij". I wanted the "boer" and "boerin" to choose to kiss instead of always being forced too for eternity as in the iconic touristic figure.
Vehicle of life
Documentation of a performance in front of the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, with a self made car without a steering wheel or brakes, symbolizing how I lived life at the time.
You don't know me
“You don’t know me” is a series of thirteen self-portraits, photographed and then filmed in a sequence with a fade at each interval accompanied by a song. Location: Highest point at dusk in Curacao.
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