Music, Performances and Theater

Voiceover for alias character “Maria Sluierhof” on internet for artist Marja van Putten
Casted for Casting Agency 5UND50 Frankfurt

Wrote and produced the song” Cocktail Bar” with René Meister
Voiceover for Elevator Installation “Feest Lift”

“Women In Paradise” in Paradiso Amsterdam
- wrote theme song, music by René Meister
- made video for event

“Women In Paradise” in Paradiso Amsterdam

Performed and made theme song with self composed lyrics and music by René Meister with self made video for event and presented ”Eve’s Lost Paradise” a series of my own short films.

Villa Bloem “Night Clubbing” Wrote Lyrics for theme song and performed it live with music by René Meister
- Voiceover for introduction and advertising

Funky Frozen Fever / Villa Bloem Wageningen
- coordination of performances and décor for the party
- live performance of the self composed theme song with René Meister
- made accompanying video for the song

Bloem Disco Deluxe/ Villa Bloem Wageningen
- coordination of performances and décor and
- personal performance as "Tequila Bar"
- Voice over's for video and intro performances

Voiceovers for commercials:
"Dolfijn Radio" in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Red Bull Festivals

Diverse songs for my own Art videos:
I've got the car
You don't know me

Acting role in "We zijn weer thuis" as "Titia Klein" a weekly character directed by Ellen Jens and Wim T. Schippers and written by Wim T. Schippers


1. "We zijn weer thuis: Wie wat waar (#5.12)" (1994) TV Episode [Actress .... Titia Klein]
2. "We zijn weer thuis: Kind van de rekening (#4.11)" (1993) TV Episode [Actress .... Titia Klein]
3. "We zijn weer thuis: Doen en laten (#4.8)" (1993) TV Episode [Actress .... Titia Klein]
4. "We zijn weer thuis: In de wolken (#4.5)" (1993) TV Episode [Actress .... Titia Klein]
5. "We zijn weer thuis: Streepjes (#4.4)" (1993) TV Episode [Actress .... Titia Klein]
6. "We zijn weer thuis: Kat van huis (#4.2)" (1992) TV Episode [Actress .... Titia Klein]
7. "We zijn weer thuis: Hangende pootjes (#4.1)" (1992) TV Episode [Actress .... Titia Klein]
8. "We zijn weer thuis: Opkomst afkomst (#3.12)" (1991) TV Episode [Actress .... Titia Klein]
9. De bruine jurk (1988) (TV) [Actress .... Kamermeisje]

Acting role in VARA television children production Omgekeerde Wereld as "Kroelliepoelliepoepkonijn"
Acting role in the short film "Airmail"
Television backing vocals for René Froger "Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken" on Count

Record contract for Solo single "Forget about N.Y."
Producer: F. Thomas, M. Snoeren
Co-producer: Jacques Zwart
High Fashion Music Dureco
12" Vinyl Electronic - House
- self composed lyrics
- self designed costumes for video
- national radio promotion
Featured on remix for MDMC of "How About It"

Back up vocals for "Richenel"
- television and promotion "Dance around the world", "Temptation" and "Don't save your love until tomorrow"

Acting role in Wim T. Schippers T.V. film "De bruine jurk"

Interview on Ronflonflon avec Jacques Plafond with Wim T. Schippers Nov.2, 1988

Became a member / co-manager of "De Witte Wiven" a female mime/performing arts group, with artistic leader Pepijn Spoor and participated in Oerol Festival 1988

Organized "Heksen Toer" with Pepijn Spoor. One of the first motorcycle rallies strictly for female riders

Became a member of MDMC

Lead vocals on "Long Way Up"
Producer: Ben Liebrand / Sander Vos
High Fashion Music Dureco
12" Vinyl Electronic - Dance
(record contract and television promotion)

Coached voiceovers for English language commercials for clients such as Fristy

Made guest appearances on radio programs with alter egos and self written songs on Ronflonflon avec Jacques Plafond and Radio Eskimo Amsterdam met Petert van Abbe

Organized "Who the Hell is Sinter Klaas " Party (500 guests and seven acts incl. "Los Enfantillos")

First women on the cover of "Big Twin" motorcycle magazine, totally dressed and on her own motorcycle

Lead role in C&A commercial as motorcyclist

Lead role in a Bovag commercial as motorcyclist

Modeled for motorcycle fashion shoots for diverse advertisements in magazines

Made guest appearances on radio programs with alter egos some with self written songs on Ronflonflon avec Jacques Plafond (Wim T. Schippers) and Radio Eskimo Amsterdam (Pirate Radio Station with Petert van Abbe)

Began "Los Enfantilos" jazz band (lead vocalist)

Became lead singer of "Rouge Alegre" Sonic Boom on Octopus Music Label 1985

Demo's Amsterdam and Düsseldorf
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