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In February 2005 I participated in “Boots From The Woods” (exhibition of clogs designed by artists and illustrators). I originally designed the clogs for publicity pictures in “VIVA” magazine for my newest single titled “Forget About N.Y.” a song about my “Amsterdam / Dutch Experience” after moving there from New York in 1981. Evert Vonk director of Cult TV Amsterdam (local cultural program) saw my clogs exhibited and remembered me from my motorcycle days and from my picture on the cover of “Bigtwin”. He contacted me and I told him in our conversation that I had recently graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He asked if I would be interested in interviewing artists for Cult TV. I agreed and eventually became Art Editor. I have done many interviews since then and have also made a “self-portrait interview” with Evert Vonk as “Petrus” interviewing me at “Heaven’s Gate”. If you are interested in viewing this interview please contact me about it.

Bodies as seen bij two Biology students from the Amsterdams Lyceum directed and filmed by Lena Tenaglia at Beurs van Berlage Bodies Exposition
Interview for CULT TV Amsterdam by Lena Tenaglia Cirque du Soleil and Cavalia with Normand Latourelle - Art Director -Frèdèric Pignon and Magali Delgado - Horse trainers
Corine Koole
Interview for CULT TV of the book presentatie for "Wat blijft is liefde" by Corine Koole
Ernie, Bidet + Claus
Interview for CULT TV Amsterdam 2006-2007 with the artist Ernie Bidet and Claus. I knew Ernie as a squater that became admired and appreciated as an artist only after moving to N.Y. In this interview I met him again with his new partners at Atelier / Expositieruimte van Baerlestraat 13-C in Amsterdam
Erwin Olaf
Interview for CULT TV at the Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam with Erwin Olaf and Lena Tenaglia
Henk Veen
Interview for CULT TV with Henk Veen and Lena Tenaglia at his exhibition in Holland Casino
Italia al Dente
Interview for CULT TV with Francesco Arriu, Arte Cucina, Ricardo Bergstein, il Commendatore and Lena Tenaglia at Italia al Dente
Jesper Knudsen
Interview for CULT TV with Jesper Knudsen and Lena Tenaglia at Gallery Modern
Linda Gail Lewis
Interview for CULT TV with Linda Gail Lewis and Lena Tenaglia
Marco Bakker
Interview for CULT TV with Marco Bakker and Lena Tenaglia at the Waterland Photo Gallery over the book Vali Meyers and Friends
Richard Smeets
Interview for CULT TV with Richard Smeets and Lena Tenaglia in Galerie Modern in Amsterdam
Rob Bolland
Interview for CULT TV with Rob Bolland and Lena Tenaglia in Holland Casino during his exhibition
Treehouse Gallery
Interview for CULT TV including Mr. Horror -Jan Doense Nacht van de Wansmaak, Edo Bombay Connection and several other artist specializing in "Horror Art" with Lena Tenaglia
Women in Paradise
Interview for CULT TV in Paradiso at Women in Paradise sponsored by Amnesty International including performance artists Marynka Nikolai, Medusa, Fashion by Van Markoviec with Lena Tenaglia
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